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Measurement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many X are there in one Y?

How many X are there in one Y?  For example, how many teaspoons are there in a gallon?

Answer: Use our calculator to convert from 1 gallon to teaspoons, and it will give you the answer you seek.

Another example: How many glasses of water are there in 109 ounces of water? If each glass is 2 cups, then you can find out how many 2-cup glasses are in 109 ounces of water by converting from 109/2 floz/cups and leave the "Convert To" box blank. This basically divides 109 fluid ounces by 2 cups, giving the result as the number of 2-cup glasses in 109 fluid ounces. If the glasses were each 7 fluid ounces, then you would convert from 109/7 floz/floz and again leave the "Convert To" box blank.

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