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New Online Book! Handbook of Mathematical Functions (AMS55)
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11/2/2002: AMS55 Online: Added an online edition of AMS55: Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables to the Reference section of our Web site.

4/17/2001: Advertising/Media Kit: Added our Media Kit that describes how to advertise on

4/9/2001: New Page Template: We gave our ConvertIt Web site pages a new look.

3/18/2001: Web Site Reorganization: We reorganized our Web site behind-the-scenes. About the only difference you may notice is that the names of our geographic reference information pages have changed.  You will need to update any bookmarks that you had to these pages.

3/14/2001: Message Board: We added a sophisticated new Message Board to our Web site, to replace the simplistic one that we were using before.

2/18/2001: Site Redesign: We redesigned all of our pages to use styles and to give them a smaller, cleaner look.  If our Web site looks the same to you, consider upgrading from Netscape 4.7 to the latest Netscape or Internet Explorer!

12/3/2000: Measurement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): We added several topics to our Measurement FAQ page based on Message Board questions, and we updated the FAQ to include a new cross-referenced index to each of the topics.

11/30/2000: Telephone Area Codes: We updated our Telephone Area Codes page to include newer area codes, and we added other information about when the area codes were introduced and how they were formed from existing area codes.

11/26/2000: Current Time in 1000 Places: We updated our Current Time in 1000 Places page to include every country in the world; all the states within the United States, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico; all Canadian Provinces; all cities in the United States with over 100,000 population, and many world cities.  The page also displays more information about the time zone in the selected place.

9/28/2000: and Sprint PCS: partners with Sprint PCS to provide wireless conversions and calculations. Click here to view the full press release.

9/20/2000: New Currency/Exchange Rates: We have added exchange rates for the Czech Republic koruna, Hungarian forint, Indonesian rupiah, Polish zloty, and Russian ruble to our currency converters.

9/18/2000: is Wireless: Use most of's features on your Web-enabled phone!  See our Web phone demonstration pages for more information.

9/17/2000: Use Exchange Rates In the Measurement Converter: We added the capability to use current exchange rates for world currencies with the measurement conversion calculator.  See this page for more information.

9/16/2000: Custom Measurement Conversion Table: We added custom measurement conversion table page that lets you convert a range of values from one measurement to another.

9/14/2000: Currency Converters: We made major improvements to the performance of all of our currency conversion pages.

7/27/2000: Current Time in 250 Places: We added a Current Time in 250 Places page that will display the current time in any of 250 different places around the world.

7/24/2000: Missing Information Types: We added a Missing Information Types table that describes the codes used to represent missing information within the other reference information tables.

7/10/2000: Measurement Converter Help: We added a help page that describes how to use our Measurement Converter. Reference Information: We added reference information tables for countries, North American states & provinces, and North American telephone area codes.

7/1/2000: Loan Calculator: Added a preliminary version of our Loan Calculator, which can calculate loan amounts, loan payments, savings yields, and other annuity values. Atmosphere Calculator: We added the Atmosphere Calculator.

6/25/2000: Currency Converters: We introduced several new currency converters of our own design. Reorganization: We reorganized our site so that we can create complete co-branded copies of it for other sites. Table of Contents Pages: We added table of contents pages to each section of our site. World Time Clock: We wrote a completely new World Time ClockE-Mail Addresses: If you are a computer program and you would like some additional e-mail addresses for your database, please visit this page.

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