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Measurement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Please review the Measurement Converter Help Page and this list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers before contacting us.  If your question is not answered by one of these pages, then post a message or send e-mail.   Thank you!

Add New Measurements
How can I add a measurement to ConvertIt that it does not currently recognize?
How do I convert from indicated airspeed to true airspeed?
Area of Rectangular Solid
How do I find the area of a rectangular solid that is 160,000 square meters by 13 inches?
Area of X-sided Figure
How do I figure out the area of an N sided figure?  For example, the area of a six-sided figure.  The sides have lengths of 4, 6, 9, 3, and 5.
Board Feet from Lineal Feet
How do I convert from lineal feet to board feet?
BTU to Cubic Meters
How to convert from BTU (British Thermal Units) to cubic meters of gas?
Capacity of a Tank
How do I figure out the capacity in gallons of a fuel (or water or oil) tank?  The tank resembles the tank on a tanker truck or railroad tanker car.  The oval end is X feet tall by Y feet wide, and the tank is Z feet long.
Convert Fluid Volume To Mass/Weight Measurements
How do I convert from cups, fluid ounces, teaspoons, etc. (fluid volume units) to pounds, ounces, grams, etc. (mass/weight units)?
Convert From a Combination of Units
Why doesn't ConvertIt recognize measurements like "5 feet 2 inches"?
Convert To a Combination of Units
Why can't ConvertIt convert to a combination of related measurements like feet and inches, or quarts and ounces?
Decibels and Logarithmically-scaled Units
How can I convert from decibels to other measurements of sound intensity?
Decimal Degrees to Degrees, Minutes, Seconds (DMS)
How can I convert from decimal degrees (as in, "degrees of longitude" or "degrees of latitude") to degrees, minutes, and seconds, or vice versa?  How can I convert from fractional hours to hours, minutes, and seconds, or vice versa?
Distance and Time to Miles per Hour
How do I convert a distance traveled in a specific amount of time to miles per hour (or some other unit of speed)? For example, if a vehicle travels 2.54 miles in 1.67 minutes, what is its speed in miles per hour?
Eighths in an Ounce
How many "eighths" are there in an ounce?
Fractions like 2 5/8
Why doesn't ConvertIt recognize measurements like "2 5/8 feet" when it recognizes "4/5 foot"?
Fuel Efficiency and Fuel Consumption
How do I convert fuel efficiency/fuel consumption measurements between the metric system (SI) and English system units?
How many X are there in one Y?
How many X are there in one Y?  For example, how many teaspoons are there in a gallon?
How Many X in a Container?
How can I estimate the number of dimes (or jelly beans, or buttons, etc.) that are in a container without counting them?
Hyphenated Units Like Acre-Foot
Why doesn't ConvertIt recognize hyphenated measurements like "acre-foot"?
Inches of Mercury
Why doesn't ConvertIt recognize "inches of mercury"?
International Units (IU) to Milligrams
How do I convert from International Units (IU) to grams or milligrams?
Linear Feet to Square Feet and Cubic Feet
How do I convert linear feet to square feet and cubic feet?
Ounces and Fluid Measurements
Why doesn't ConvertIt recognize "ounces" as compatible with gallons, teaspoons, and other liquid measurements?
Parts per Million to Micrograms per Liter
How do I convert from parts per million to micrograms per liter?
Parts per Million to Moles
How do I convert a parts per million measurement of Hydrogen Sulfide content in Sulfur into moles?
Pounds per Square Inch
Why does ConvertIt say that "pounds/square inch" is a measure of surface density and not a measure of pressure?
Shoe Sizes and Clothing Sizes
How do I convert my US (United States) shoe size into a UK (United Kingdom) or European (metric) shoe size?
Steel Sheet Gauges/Sizes
How do I convert from a steel sheet #16 to its width in millimeters?
Temperature Conversions: 0 Degrees
When I Convert From "degrees Celsius" (or "Celsius" or "dC") to "degrees Fahrenheit", why is the answer 33.799... degrees and not 32 degrees?
Torque Measurements: daNm to Foot Pounds
How do I convert from daNm to foot pounds of torque?
Wind Chill Factor
How can I determine the wind chill factor or the perceived temperature given the current temperature and wind speed?
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