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Examples: 5 kilometers, 12 feet/sec^2,
1/5 gallon
, 9.5 Joules, or 0 dF.
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Examples: miles, meters/s^2,
, kilowatt*hours, or dC.
Conversion Result:
joule = 1 joule
Related Measurements:
Try converting from "joule" to bev (billion electric volts), BTU (International Table BTU), calorie (International Table calorie), EEC therm (European Economic Community therm), electron volt, erg, frigorie, rydberg, therm, thermie, thermochemical calorie, Wh (watt hour), or any combination of units which equate to "mass length squared / time squared" and represent acoustical energy, bending moment, energy, heat, impact energy, moment of force, quantity of heat, radiant energy, surface energy, torque, or work.
Sample Conversions:
joule = 6,241,450,383.25 bev (billion electric volts), .00094782 BTU (International Table BTU), .2388459 calorie (International Table calorie), 9.48E-09 EEC therm (European Economic Community therm), 6.24E+18 electron volt, 10,000,000 erg, .00023885 frigorie, 4.59E+18 rydberg, 9.48E-09 therm, 2.39E-07 thermie, .23900574 thermochemical calorie, .00027778 Wh (watt hour).

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