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Examples: 5 kilometers, 12 feet/sec^2,
1/5 gallon
, 9.5 Joules, or 0 dF.
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Examples: miles, meters/s^2,
, kilowatt*hours, or dC.
Conversion Result:
milligram = 0.000001 kilogram
Related Measurements:
Try converting from "mg" to AMU (atomic mass unit), bes (Roman bes), carat troy (troy carat), earth mass, electron mass (electron rest mass), English carat, hyl, Israeli shekel mass, kg (kilogram), kwan (Japanese kwan), long hundredweight (avoirdupois long hundredweight), long ton (avoirdupois long ton), Mexican libra, mina (Greek mina), oz troy (troy ounce), pennyweight troy (troy pennyweight), pfund (German pfund), pood (Russian pood), pound troy (troy pound), scrupulum (Roman scrupulum), or any combination of units which equate to "mass" and represent mass.
Sample Conversions:
mg = 6.02E+20 AMU (atomic mass unit), .00000306 as (Roman as), .00003429 assay ton, .00011947 Babylonian shekel, 2.35E-08 bag, 2.20E-08 cental (British cental), .00025721 denarius (Roman denarius), 1.00E-08 doppelzentner, .00025721 dram ap (apothecary dram), .00487805 English carat, .01543236 grain (avoirdupois grain), .00010197 hyl, .00007092 Israeli shekel mass, 1.00E-09 metric ton, .00064301 pennyweight troy (troy pennyweight), .000002 pfund (German pfund), .0000022 pound, 1.00E-08 quintal, 2.45E-08 Roman talent, .00077162 scruple (apothecary scruple).

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