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New Online Book! Handbook of Mathematical Functions (AMS55)
Conversion & Calculation Home >> Currency Exchange Rates >> Currency Converter, List, Cross-Table

Currency List and Converter

1.000 Burmese kyat =
Amount Currency Code Country/Entity
0.000 Andorran peseta ADP Andorra
0.001 Neth. Antillian guilder ANG Netherlands Antilles
0.011 Argentine peso ARS Argentina
0.009 Austrian schilling ATS Austria
0.001 Australian dollar AUD Australia
0.001 Aruban guilder AWG Aruba
0.001 Bos. and Herz. marks BAM Bosnia and Herzegovina
0.001 Barbadian dollar BBD Barbados
0.027 Belgian franc BEF Belgium
0.001 Bermudian dollar BMD Bermuda
0.001 Bruneian dollar BND Brunei
0.002 Brazilian real BRL Brazil
0.001 Bahamian dollar BSD The Bahamas
0.047 Bhutanese ngultrum BTN Bhutan
0.001 Belizean dollar BZD Belize
0.001 Canadian dollar CAD Canada
0.001 Swiss franc CHF Switzerland
0.488 Chilean peso CLP Chile
0.005 Chinese yuan renminbi CNY China
2.160 Colombian peso COP Colombia
0.001 Cuban peso CUP Cuba
0.001 German mark DEM Germany
0.130 Djiboutian franc DJF Djibouti
0.005 Danish krone DKK Denmark
0.000 Estonian kroon EEK Estonia
0.112 Spanish peseta ESP Spain
0.001 European Union euro EUR European Union
0.004 Finnish markka FIM Finland
0.002 Fijian dollar FJD Fiji
0.001 Falkland pound FKP Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
0.004 French franc FRF France
0.001 British pound sterling GBP United Kingdom
0.001 Gibraltar pound GIP Gibraltar
0.006 Guatemalan quetzal GTQ Guatemala
0.006 Hong Kong dollar HKD Hong Kong
0.017 Honduran lempira HNL Honduras
0.005 Croatian kuna HRK Croatia
0.210 Hungarian forint HUF Hungary
9.709 Indonesian rupiah IDR Indonesia
0.001 Irish pound IEP Ireland
0.003 Israeli new shekel ILS Israel
0.047 Indian rupee INR India
0.078 Icelandic krona ISK Iceland
1.301 Italian lira ITL Italy
0.095 Jamaican dollar JMD Jamaica
0.082 Japanese yen JPY Japan
0.834 South Korean won KRW Korea, South
0.112 Sri Lankan rupee LKR Sri Lanka
0.010 Lesotho loti LSL Lesotho
0.003 Lithuanian litas LTL Lithuania
0.027 Luxembourg franc LUF Luxembourg
0.007 Moroccan dirham MAD Morocco
1.000 Burmese kyat MMK Burma
0.014 Mexican peso MXN Mexico
0.003 Malaysian ringgit MYR Malaysia
0.010 Namibian dollar NAD Namibia
0.001 Netherlands guilder NLG Netherlands
0.006 Norwegian krone NOK Norway
0.001 New Zealand dollar NZD New Zealand
0.000 Omani rial OMR Oman
0.001 Panamanian balboa PAB Panama
0.002 Peruvian nuevo sol PEN Peru
0.037 Philippine peso PHP Philippines
0.077 Pakistani rupee PKR Pakistan
0.003 Polish zloty PLN Poland
0.135 Portuguese escudo PTE Portugal
0.006 Swedish krona SEK Sweden
0.001 Singapore dollar SGD Singapore
0.001 Saint Helenian pound SHP Saint Helena
0.010 Swazi lilangeni SZL Swaziland
0.025 Thai baht THB Thailand
0.002 Tunisian dinar TND Tunisia
0.022 Taiwanese new dollar TWD Taiwan
0.001 United States dollar USD United States
16.667 Vietnamese dong VND Vietnam
0.002 East Caribbean dollar XCD East Caribbean
0.010 South African rand ZAR South Africa
Exchange Rates current as of 4/28/2017 (month/day/year).

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