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Examples: 5 kilometers, 12 feet/sec^2,
1/5 gallon
, 9.5 Joules, or 0 dF.
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Examples: miles, meters/s^2,
, kilowatt*hours, or dC.
Conversion Result:
cloth nail = 0.05715 meter
Related Measurements:
Try converting from "nail" to actus (Roman actus), barleycorn, caliber (gun barrel caliber), chain (surveyors chain), cloth finger, fermi, finger, ken (Japanese ken), league, link (surveyors link), marathon, mil, parasang, point (typography point), Roman cubit, Roman mile, sazhen (Russian sazhen), shaku (Japanese shaku), skein, survey foot, or any combination of units which equate to "length" and represent depth, fl head, height, length, wavelength, or width.
Sample Conversions:
nail = .00161082 actus (Roman actus), .000625 city block (informal), .5 cloth finger, .25 cloth quarter, .03125 fathom, 2.57 finger, .00028409 furlong (surveyors furlong), .07716049 gradus (Roman gradus), .12349067 Greek cubit, .24698134 Greek span, 6.04E-18 light yr (light year), 27 line, .00000135 marathon, 2,250 mil, .00208333 naval shot, 1.85E-18 parsec, .1930999 Roman foot, .009375 rope, .00030873 stadia (Greek stadia), .18749963 survey foot.

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