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Examples: 5 kilometers, 12 feet/sec^2,
1/5 gallon
, 9.5 Joules, or 0 dF.
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Measurements & Currencies Recognized
Examples: miles, meters/s^2,
, kilowatt*hours, or dC.
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Note: I do not know the definition of
"Spanishwinearroba" within the phrase
"Spanish wine arroba".  The following sound
alike: Spanish libra, Spanish quintal,
shipping ton.  The following partially match:
span, spat, specific fuel consumption volume
basis, specific conductance, spindle,
specific heat capacity mole basis, specific
volume mole basis, sphere, specific charge,
specific energy, specific fuel consumption
mass basis, specific heat capacity, specific
entropy, specific heat capacity mass basis,
specific surface area, specific volume,
specific impact energy, spring, speed of
light, speed.
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